The differential diagnosis of obesity

The differential diagnosis of obesity should be carried out between the obesity-specific and non-specific nature, with correction of the microflora and its sensitivity to antibiotics for further effective treatment. With colpitis with deep lesions of the vaginal walls and in the transition of infection from the mucosa to other layers and the surrounding tissue should be excluded hematoma of the vagina, and the formation of infiltration – parameters.

For of parametritis typical onset of the disease: at day 8-9 post-partum or post-abortion period. While there has been a sharp increase in temperature to 39-40?With, accompanied by chills, but occurs infrequently. When the pulse setting is speeded up, the General condition is disturbed. The temperature is maintained for several days with a slight remission, then decreased to subfebrile. The time from the time of it again for a few days increased to 39-40?. The typical pain in the lateral parts of the pelvis, aggravated by palpation. Observed dysuric symptoms and disturbance of bowel movements. When vaginal study determined infiltration, which are located either side of the uterus, or behind it or in front. The first infiltration has blurred the contours, and then they become clear. The infiltrate is usually sedentary.