Sex and health: questions and answers

“Being in sexy shape” means to possess good physical state and well-developed sensuality. Sex, among other things, that energetic movement. Therefore, increasing your aerobic endurance, i.e. the ability of the body to absorb and use the oxygen needed for energy, and strengthening muscles, you master these movements. Good physical fitness improves your sex life. First, you feel more confident because they are able to control your body, and secondly, healthy people find it easier to get rid of the stress voltages that suppress sexual desire.

Sensuality is an important component of sexual health. The ability to caress and respond to affection not only increases sexual satisfaction, but also enhances the emotional sphere of your intimate relationships. Researchers found this trend: people who exercise regularly, are more sexually active than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In one experiment compared the level of sexual activity of two groups comprising men and women older than 25 years. One group consisted of people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and in the other swimmers participating in the competition. It was found that the frequency of sexual intercourse at swimmers above. A survey of 155 people engaged in recreational exercise program, led to the conclusion that men are more physically active, were more active sex life. Another study showed that the implementation of the exercise program the patients cardiologist (only observed 600 men) 16% increased their frequency of sexual intercourse. And when examining women aged 22 to 60 years who were engaged in aerobic dancing 3 times a week, it was found that after three months of training they had increased sexual activity — frequency of sexual intercourse increased them by 30% on average.

Of course, in relation to sex “more” does not mean “better”. But research has revealed a pattern. It turned out that the swimmers received from sex greater satisfaction than those who moved little.

Study the physiological systems associated with sexuality, suggest that exercise has a positive effect on sexual activity. Already studied the changes that occur in the body during intercourse. One of the most important reactions induced by sexual arousal, — increased blood flow to the genitals, which provides erection in men and swelling, an increase in the size and hydration of the tissues of the genitals in women. The increased blood flow, based on mesoscopic veins, accompanied by a rise in blood pressure and increased heart rate (it can be doubled) and breathing. Process vassalboro depends on the condition of blood vessels, bringing blood to the genitals: it is important that blood freely passed on them. In men, the clogging of the arteries and narrowing of their lumen can lead to the fact that there will be limited blood flow to the penis (as well as to other organs) and may cause difficulties with erection and maintaining it. It is established that aerobic exercises such as running, Cycling or swimming that increase the heart rate not only improves the cardiovascular system but also protect from occurrence of similar violations. The positive effect of these exercises is that it reduces the rest period of the heart, and therefore, it becomes able to pump more blood for each contraction and less tired during physical activity. These and other changes occurring under the influence of exercise contribute not only to the General improvement of the body, but also the normal functioning of the sexual mechanisms.

What exercises improve sexual health? Since during the sexual act to the work involved many major muscles, you must improve their tone and increase elasticity, which will affect the improvement of sexual relations. Especially useful to strengthen abdominal muscles, hips and muscles crotches, because they are actively involved in sexual intercourse. Performing special exercises, it is also necessary to strengthen the muscles of the internal pelvic organs, which play an important role in reaching orgasm.

What physiological mechanisms control sexual attraction? According to some researchers, sexual desire, or libido are determined by the level of testosterone in the blood. Though testosterone is called a male hormone since its secretion is associated with the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men, it vyrabatyvaetsya and women. In men, the testicles secrete testosterone, and in women — the adrenal glands and ovaries. In one experiment it was found that relatively short, but very vigorous exercise, lasting about 45 minutes, increase the level of testosterone in the blood that can affect increase in sexual desire. Research has shown that other hormones forming in the body, including estrogen, also affect the libido, although the complex interaction of these hormones are still not completely understood.

Can exercise to restore or enhance sexual desire? Those who for a long time does not occur libido, should consult a doctor because the cause may be a chronic illness requiring treatment, or hormonal disorders. And in some cases decreased libido need the help of sex therapist. However, research has shown that if lack of sexual libido is associated with stress, a special program of physical exercise will help get rid of such violations. For example, a survey of University students, regularly doing exercises to improve the cardiovascular system, showed. what worries met them less often. than students in the control group, no physical activity. Exercise also had a beneficial effect on people suffering from depression.

Since the program of physical activity will help to strengthen the muscles, getting rid of extra weight, you will be attractive and will not be complete on the exterior. Many experts say that often people who are not satisfied with your sexual life, unhappy and appearance.

Can exercise replace sex? It happens, but only when a person devotes too much time and effort to exercise. One was produced by an experiment in which men, running more than 65 miles a week, said if they were faced with a choice — sex or running, what would prefer? A small % of men responded that they’d rather give up sex. The decline of interest in sex among those who are fanatically passionate about physical education and sport, may well be due to overwork in order to decrease the level of testosterone in the blood, and the fact that such dedication requires great emotional cost. But of course the majority of men and women engaged in reasonable physical exercise, do not belong to such people, and regular exercise can only improve their sexual needs.