The way to remove corns

Steam the corn and bind to it on the night of the crust of a lemon with pulp. Repeat this procedure for several days. Then rasparte foot and gently scrape the corn.

A decoction of oak bark is an effective remedy for sweating feet

Boil 1 liter of water, put in 100 g of crushed oak bark, boil 15 minutes, to insist half an hour, then strain, add 10 ml of 30-40% alcohol tincture of propolis, and used for foot bath. The temperature should not exceed 38°C, duration 20 min. the Course of treatment 10 daily procedures.

Remedy for sweating feet

If a strong sweating of the feet sprinkle them on the night pounded into a fine powder of oak bark, put on socks and leave them overnight. In the morning rinse with cool water.