“Ah, my dear children! If you knew, what cold, what is this strength, what joy, what grace! As it strengthens every cell, every vessel, awakens the nervous system.”

P. K. Ivanov.

Air, air is to humans, the usual habitat and of life. Without air, unlike water and food, we cannot live even a few minutes. But we must not only breathe air, but also bathe in it our skin. In disregard of hardening is to blame primarily ourselves with our commitment to low physical work, to maximize comfort, peace and plus redundant power supply. There is another aspect of false modesty, erected in etiquette and decorum. We are so used to cover their bodies, even at zero temperature trying to bundle up as warmly as possible and is terrified of catching a cold. However, all the ancient arts and culture based on the cult of the body, strong, healthy, beautiful, tempered. The athletes competed in the Olympics naked. Modesty — the concept is learned and not innate. The clothes we artificially isolate ourselves from the natural environment — nature, air, atmosphere, and therefore subject ourselves to the adverse effects of such isolation.

On the topic of hardening written a sufficient number of literature, therefore, we omit the initial well-known elements and proceed directly to severe forms of hardening: barefoot in the snow, temper — temper walk or run in combination with pouring cold water.

Approximate annual plan of hardening walking barefoot:

April. Walking around the room in his socks. In the second half of the month, walking barefoot on the carpet from 1 to 1.5 hours. A foot bath 2 times a day with a gradual reduction of water temperature from +30 to +20°; May. Walking barefoot on the bedroom floor 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Short wymagania on the heated asphalt ( earth, grass ). Foot baths with a gradual reduction of water temperature from +20 to +8° ; June-July. Permanent stay at home barefoot. Cold foot baths with water temperature from +8 to -10°. Walking barefoot on grass, sand, uneven ground and pebbles ( 30-50 min ). Jogging barefoot ( 1-5 minutes ). August-September. Use the previous months. Short-term use of strong tactile stimuli: stubble and fallen needles. Walking and running on the wet asphalt and stones ( up to 1 hour ). October-November. Use the previous months. Contrast cold-hot foot bath. Alternate walking barefoot in the bathroom, by the yard ( contrast procedure ). Increase Jogging barefoot; December-January-February. Use the past months. Contrast foot bath with the use of snow water. Jogging barefoot on snow or ice with a gradual increase in their length from 1 to 10 minutes. The rubbing feet of snow in a warm room. To hold any charge barefoot in the yard; March. A tightening of the previous months with the increase of tactile and thermal stresses depending on the weather. Of course, there is no need to wait April to then begin to walk barefoot. You can start in any month and in November and December, however, making provisional amendments to this scheme. The use of “severe” forms of hardening requires strict compliance with certain rules:

  • You cannot join the pre hardening and “heavy” forms of even slight indisposition. Before turning to the “heavy” form of hardening, it is necessary to prepare the body, using lighter forms to achieve the normal reaction on contact with the cold medium;
  • Gradual increase of the cold load. Bathing, air baths, basagoitia in the dew, it is desirable to continue until the cold season;
  • The exception at the beginning of the hardening phase cooling, which should proceed only after a sustained fixation normal reactions to the first two phases;
  • The surest signal the end of tempering procedures — the first signs of chills. Tempering procedure should result in the overheating of an organism . And after a long stay in a cold environment and hot tea;

To achieve deep hardening of the body smehoterapiya, temper-a walk with a dousing for a long period of temper-run or other “heavy” forms is only possible with systematic procedures and faith in their favor.