Help with the burn

If there was a small burn (without blistering of the skin), the site of the lesion should be substituted under a stream of cold water, and then wipe with alcohol. With more severe degrees of burns to wash water cannot.

Burn treatment

Whisk in the Cup of an egg to its yolk and white are well mixed, and spread this mixture into the burned area.

Onion ointment burns

1 l vegetable oil 5 onions of average size. Boil the onions in vegetable oil until Golden brown, drain and lubricate the burnt place.

Sea buckthorn oil and skin burns

Gauze impregnated buckthorn oil, wring out, lay in a single layer on pretreated surface of the burn and to fix a light bandage – If suppuration does not occur in the burn wound, healing occurs by 8-12 days.

The facial injuries are treated mainly in an open way — after the initial processing burn surface irrigate 1-2 times per day sea buckthorn oil.

Pumpkin and burns

To impose fresh pumpkin pulp ordinary sore place burns.

Shilajit in the treatment of burns

To cook fresh 1-3% solution of Shilajit (keep no more than one day) and used to irrigate the burn surface. At the same time to take inside of 0.25 g of the mummy (deep burns) twice daily 1-2 hours before food for 10 days. If necessary, after a five-day break course internal intake of Shilajit is repeated.

You can use a 10% ointment Shilajit. To obtain Shilajit moisten drops of boiled water until a paste, which is mixed with a melted interior pork, chicken or goose fat until a homogeneous mass (when rubbed between your fingers should not be detected grains).

The juice of burdock burns against

Take fresh leaves of burdock, rinse, dry, pass through a meat grinder with an attachment and use for lotions for burns.

Grated potato with honey and burns

Take fresh potatoes, cleaned, washed, again rinsed with water and RUB on a small grater. To 1/2 Cup of pulp add 1 teaspoon of honey, stir thoroughly, put in a layer of 1-2 cm on the gauze, applying it to the burnt area of skin and bandage easily. After 3-4 hours the bandage change. At night you can put a bandage with propolisnaâ ointment, and the day to reiterate potato and honey application.

The recommended tool has a positive effect not only for burns but also for acne, eczema and other skin diseases.

Plantain and burns

Svezheistolchennye plantain leaves are used externally for burns, wounds, ulcers, inflammatory skin diseases, etc. through the bites of bees, wasps and snakes are frequently changed dressings of mashed succulent leaves aspirated poison and to prevent swelling (applying them in the case when there is no opportunity to go to the doctor).

A decoction of plantain leaves (1:10) is used for washing wounds ulcers, burns, etc.

Plantain possesses expressed anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity.

The broth of lime blossom and burns and ulcers

Prepare the broth in a ratio of 1:10 and use it for washing and lotions for burns and ulcers.