“Baby.” The Method Of P. K. Ivanov

My first encounter with Porfiry Korneyevich Ivanov happened in the early 80’s in the reading room of the Institute. At the time, stopping Smoking, and doing Jogging, yoga and martial arts I tried to create my own system of healing. Therefore, the article in the magazine was a revelation to me. With photos looked at me face downright biblical. Blue eyes, shrewd, good and sad. Eyebrows, hair, beard dazzling silver, and the words are easy and affordable….

“… I’m a millionaire of health,” said he, “but others need to be saved, diseases very many divorced people. Medications do not help, fed food and warm clothes are not saved. On the contrary: the disease just like the glutton, the sluggard, the lazy, the profligate, who warmly kuteesa, eats a lot, sleeps for a long time, drive their own cars. He hoped on pills, shots, and the body he dry-weather, rotten, rotten….Such diseases like, Oh, how you love to frequent. He thinks: I am a great chief, strong medicine will get to the academician to the reception break. But no, it will not save the medicine, the best specials will not save! What is he armed? The pill, the Lancet, chemistry, radiator. And I krujitsya truth, return to nature, to mother nature. Earth, water, sun, air, frost is the true salvation. And have more to run. Disease our teachers, they push to the mind, revive us, forced to do something, to seek, to find. We need to do something, otherwise all will be ill, to die in the Prime of life. And who are we obihazhivat? Well I found this tool that don’t need any medicine. Cheap! Simple! Take my method…”

Here it is. It is called “Baby”: D

WA times a day bathe in cold natural water, so you felt good. Swim to in the lake, the river, in the bathroom, take a shower or oblivia. Those are your terms. Hot cold bathing is complete. Before bathing or after it, and, if possible, and together with him, go out on the nature, rise bare feet on the ground and in winter on the snow, at least for 1-2 minutes. Breathe through the mouth some times air and mentally wish itself and all people of health. Do not drink alcohol or smoke.

Try at least once a week completely to do without food and water since Friday ( 18-20 hours ) to Sunday ( 12 hours ). These are your merits and rest. If it’s too difficult, then stay at least a day. In 12 hours the day of resurrection go out into nature barefoot and several times breathe and pomisli, as described above. It is a celebration of your body. After that, you can eat whatever you like. Love the surrounding nature. Not Plussa around and do not spit out anything. Get used to it — it’s your health. Greet all anywhere and everywhere, especially with the elderly. Want to have a health — greet all. Help people than can, especially poor, sick, offended, needy. Do it with joy. Respond to his need heart and soul. You will find him to be a friend and help the cause of peace! Win itself greed, laziness, complacency, greed, fear, hypocrisy, pride. Trust people and love them. Not speak about them unfairly and do not take it to heart unkind opinions about them. Free your head from thinking about diseases, ailments, death. This is your victory!

The idea does not detach from the case. Read — well, but most importantly — do it.

Tell me and give my experience in this field but do not praise and ascend in this. Be humble.